blocked drainHaving a hard time figuring out how to unblock clogged drains? There are a lot of possible ways to go about is drain problems. Some people may rely much on calling their trusted plumber to do the thing, but do you think that you have an allotted budget if every time a drain problem arise? You might find it amusing to know that there is also a do-it-yourself (DIY) way to unblock clogged drains. Here are 3 ways that you could help you gain less worries of costly plumbing services.

Use a plunger

Unblocking drains using a plunger usually is the first resort of homeowners. All you need to do is to place the plunger over the drain then start an up and down pumping motion. The plunger is common used in a bathtub, toilets and kitchen sinks. This is mostly used to deal with easily managed clogs that won’t take too much of your time and effort. You can get a plunger in a hardware store in a cheap price. Make it a tool that you should have at home.

Use of chemicals

If using a plunger is not successful, the second option is by using chemicals that run down the drain. Bicarb of vinegar/soda or hair removal cream will do the trick down a blocked drain. These chemicals are used for simple clogged drains. If the blockage is farther on the drain pipes, essential acid chemicals are used but it may cause the deterioration of the pipes. Be sure to use protective hand gloves when you decide to use chemical to avoid any form of chemical burns.

Plumbers’ Eel

This is a curled up wire cable which is manually managed down the pipes breaking down the blocking debris or scraps. This is commonly used by plumbers but you can also use it if you know how it works. If the debris is broken down, run down water to the drain to flush the debris which caused the blockage. If the block is hard to break, push the eel cable more so to break it.

There is a certain limit the plumbers’ eel can reach which depends solely on how long it is. There is also a disadvantage in using this method. If there are a lot of curves or bend pipes it would hard for the eel cable to break the debris. Another thing is that the cable can cause damage to the pipe’s lining leading to the pipes deterioration and breakage.

Those are only some of the common ways that you may be able to use when having block drain problems at home. Homeowners, like you, would not wish to experience this kind of problem but if it will, at least now you know what methods and solutions to use.

Also, make it a point that when dealing with drainage problem, that you place your safety in top priority. If a blocked drain is hard to manage, always seek help to professional and licensed plumbers that will do the job for you.